Adoption process

Our organization takes responsibility for stray or abandoned pets that might not have a chance at adoption. We seek permanent, loving homes for them.

We ask you to complete this form, which enables us to determine your suitability as an adopter. Adopters should be 21 years old with current ID.
You must be willing to feed, shelter and provide medical care for your pet. We do adoption follow‐ups.

Spaying or neutering of an animal adopted through us is mandatory. Your adoption fee is nonrefundable.

We have the right to reclaim this animal if it is not given proper care, medical treatment, or if adoption information is false.

Adoption Application

All fields MUST be completed. Please note, if approved to adopt, the adoption fee will need to be paid by check or cash at the time of adoption. This doesn't include the application fee of $25, which is required to process your application, and requested at the end of this application. Thank you for understanding.

Have you ever adopted from us before?

How many hours each day will pet be left alone?

Where will the pet be kept Indoors or Outdoors? Penned or Crated?

If the pet is not for you, who is it for?

Who lives with you? Adults (provide ages)

Do you currently have any Pets?

How many (indicate Name, age and type of each)?

Is your current pet kept indoors or outdoors? (dog house, tie out, tether line, dog run)

If you have a cat(s) is it declawed?

Are your pets spayed/neutered?

Are they current on vaccinations?

Provide name of your Veterinarian.

If you do not currently have a pet, have you owned a pet in the past?

Have you ever surrendered or re-homed a pet before?

If yes, why?

Does everyone in household want this pet?

Does anyone in your house have allergies?

Who will care for the pet?

Do you rent or own? Also indicate the type: house, condo, coop, apartment or other

If renting, landlord telephone number:

Do you have a backyard? Is it fenced (indicate height)? Or access to dog run or yard?

Are windows secured with screens?

If unexpectedly hospitalized and unable to care for your pet(s), who would take care of it?

Are you prepared to accept the natural habits of your pet (e.g. dog barking, cat jumping on the counter, kitten/puppy scratching or chewing on things)?

Do you agree to have the new pet trained if appropriate?

Are you prepared to make a 10-15 year commitment for food, grooming and medical care for this pet?

New dogs, even puppies, require time to adjust to new surroundings. Do you agree to give the dog 30-60 days to make that adjustment to make sure things will work out?

Please describe how you would handle a new dog peeing in your home or if interested in a cat, describe how you would handle a cat spraying or scratching furniture

Second Chance requires a virtual home visit to check on the care of the pet.Do you agree to this?

Provide reference info for two (2) neighbors living on your street. If you don't know your neighbors, please provide two (2) personal or professional references below. Please let them know we will be in touch and to respond so we can move your application further.

There is a $25 non-refundable application fee. When you adopt from us, the application fee of $25 will be deducted from the adoption fee. YOU WILL BE PROMPTED WHERE TO MAKE THIS PAYMENT AT THE END OF THE APPLICATION. YOUR APPLICATION WILL BE PROCESSED ONLY AFTER PAYMENT IS RECEIVED. Do you agree to do this?

I understand that completing this application does not guarantee me the adoption of the above-named animal.

If approved, you will be required to sign an adoption contract when adopting one of our pets. It highlights the expected care and treatment of the animal. You will be given a copy of the contract and all medical records of the pet you are adopting.

Please note all adoption fees go to defray the cost of all spay/neuter, medical, vaccinations, testing, food, surgery if needed, transport etc. Do you understand this?

The adoption fees vary in range and are subject to change. Cash or check is expected upon adoption. Ranges are as follows:
Puppies to 2 yrs $600
Adults 3 to 10 yrs $500
Senior 11 yrs and older $400
Pedigree's - according to age

Do you agree to the adoption cost?

It is our policy that any animal adopted from Second Chance must be returned to us if you cannot care for it anymore. You may not give it away. Do you understand and agree to this?