Foster Application

Fostering is for Second Chance pets already in our possession.
Fostering is not open for At Risk Animals from Animal Care & Control.

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Who will be the primary caretaker

Who else would be spending time with the foster pet

What is the activity level in your household

Is anyone allergic to animals: if yes, please explain

How many hours per day will the pet be along

Where will the foster pet be kept during the day:

Where will pet be kept at night?

Do you currently have any pets

How often will the pet be walked if a dog

What do you like most about having a pet

What do you like the least of having a pet

What sort of training are you willing to provide to your foster pet

Are you willing to take the foster pet to adoption events at PetSmart in Levittown when called upon?

Are you willing to take the foster pet for a medical appointment if needed

Prior to accepting any foster animal, we require you to sign a foster agreement that spells out our and your responsibilities.

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